‎The Oldest Dance Company

‎The Oldest Dance Company

NUDANCO, or The Northeastern University Dance Company, got its start in 2002 and is “the longest-standing performance-based dance group on campus,” according to Breana Goscicki, NUDANCO president. Its mission is “to provide an artistic outlet and performance opportunities for NU students with a passion and commitment to dance.” The company values dance traditions as well as form and technique, focusing on “creative, artistic expression through movement.”

The group is performance-driven and features a variety of genres. This semester covered genres include modern, hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, tap, and Irish step. NUDANCO is entirely student run, fully backed by students, and according to Goscicki, will feature “a collaboration of expressive student choreography” in its Winter Showcase (see below for date and times).

In its early years, NUDANCO was mainly a contemporary, jazz, and modern-based company. Recently, they have begun to branch out and include more styles, including hip-hop, tap, and Irish step. As a result, the company has taken in a larger variety of dancers at auditions and created more interaction between company members. In turn, this allows dancers to have a more enhanced social experience by coming into contact with a greater variety of dancers and styles.

Currently, NUDANCO has 56 members. Numbers usually fluctuate around 60, and while most dancers have past experience in their chosen style, everyone is encouraged to participate in auditions, which are held at the beginning of every semester. Goscicki emphasizes the fact that NUDANCO is “welcoming to anyone at auditions,” especially the choreographer showcase that is held the morning before auditions take place. At the showcase, dancers are given the opportunity to watch and practice the pieces that will be part of the performance at the end of semester. These are selected by the executive board. Each piece can include anywhere from three to fifteen dancers, with rehearsals for individual dances normally being held once a week.

When asked what is most rewarding about NUDANCO, Goscicki says that “it’s a great social outlet” as well as “a creative place for people with a common interest, [who are] able to participate in something that [they] can show off to peers [and] family members.” As an executive board member, Goscicki especially enjoys the dress rehearsals for the showcase because “as an E-board member and choreographer, you can see everything fall into place and that all of your hard work paid off.”

According to Goscicki, “NUDANCO is performance driven, serving its members—the dancers—and [its] community—the audience.” For that reason, she recommends that anyone who is interested in joining NUDANCO in the spring—or simply has a general interest in dance—to come to a show and see what NUDANCO is all about. This semester, NUDANCO has participated in “Performance at Night” at the Curry Student Center, and has also performed at “Huskies Gon’ Wild.” In addition, they held a successful fundraiser at “Fajitas and ‘Ritas,” where they raised money for company resources. Currently, dancers and choreographers are busy preparing for the Winter Showcase, which will be held on Saturday, December 7th at 3pm and 7pm.


Further information on NUDANCO can be found on their website, www.nudanco.com. Photos from past shows can be found on their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/nudanco, and videos of past performances can be seen at www.youtube.com/nudanco, the company’s official YouTube channel.



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