Kubo and the Art of Stop Motion Animation

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Since 1900, stop-motion animation has been a pillar of cinema. Today, it is dying out. The technique has been integrated into movies for decades, including scenes like the battle of Hoth in Star Wars’ “The Empire Strikes Back” or in King Kong’s iconic climb up the Empire State Building. However, since the onset of computer...continue reading

The Future of Fashion Revealed in ‘#techstyle’

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Envision water hitting a solid object, droplets scattering in a dozen directions and light being reflecting from all angles. Iris van Herpen captured that moment, and shaped it into a dress. This was the beauty of “#techstyle.” The Museum of Fine Arts put together an exhibit that anyone can admire, regardless of their knowledge of...continue reading

Visiting Masterpieces: Pairing Picasso

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Art can shapeshift—it compresses and remolds itself with the ability and inspiration of its creator. Spanish artist Pablo Picasso reflected this idea through his works, stating “one cannot truly follow the creative process except through a series.” Walking through Picasso’s creative process, the viewer is unexpectedly drawn in. Not by his technical abilities, but rather, by his emotional...continue reading