Gnann debuts and Pressler returns creating magic at the BSO

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Boston Symphony Orchestra assistant conductor Moritz Gnann made his Symphony Hall debut during the three-day (Nov. 22, 25, 26) performance of Mendelssohn, Mozart, and Dvořák. It was a production for the ages, both for Gnann’s own showing and that of his piano soloist, Beaux Arts Trio founder Menahem Pressler. Inspired by the composer’s 1829 visit...continue reading

‘La La Land’ is Everything You Could Wish For, and More

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Warning: Spoilers ahead, read at your own discretion. A tug on your heartstrings—the story of love, music and dreams. Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) live a harmonic life filled with jazz and romantic dates while chasing separate dreams in the eclectic city of Los Angeles. The film feeds you all the right parts...continue reading

Best-Selling Book ‘The Girl on The Train’ Disappoints in Theatres

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The recent box office hit based on Paula Hawkins’ bestseller novel of the same name, “The Girl on the Train,” dismayed many fans with the changes made in its transition to the big screen. From minor changes, such the change in setting from London to New York, to the addition of characters, viewers who have...continue reading

A Comically Thrilling ‘Dead Man’s Cell Phone’

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“Dead Man’s Cell Phone” followed a curious and caring woman as she interjected herself into the life of a dead man. Northeastern University Department of Theatre’s production of “Dead Man’s Cell Phone,” directed by Jonathan Carr, was humorous, romantic and full of twists. Jean, played by Eva Friedman, found herself irritated with the ring of...continue reading

Boston Ballet Captivates with a Riveting ‘Le Corsaire’

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Boston Ballet’s beautiful and distinguished production of Ivan Liška's “Le Corsaire” kicked off the new season, taking on a different interpretation of the classical ballet on last Thursday’s opening night. A mystical, adventurous ambience filled the room as the curtains rose. A faint silhouette of a  pirate boat appeared behind a screen of misty swirling...continue reading