Co-op Fashionistas

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Photographers: Rachel Petri, Sydnee Mizuno and Jodie Ng. Model: Kitty Cheung, Tara Amour and Sahar Salari. Model: Sahar Salari. Model: Sahar Salari. Model: Kitty Cheung. Model: Preston Pao and Kitty Cheung. Model: Sahar Salari and Tara Armour. Model: Sahar Salari and Tara Armour. Model: Sahar Salari, Preston Pao and Tara Armour. Model: Kitty Cheung and...continue reading

My Fun Friend Molly

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Note: Artistry Magazine is not encouraging anyone to do Molly nor does the club support the drug. “It’s just so fun.” Okay, well so is Apples to Apples, and that hasn’t been known to kill anyone. I sat in Anna’s Taqueria, a Mexican restaurant, innocently trying to enjoy some chips and guacamole with my friend...continue reading

Play Me, I’m Yours

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Two Berklee music students sat on Boylston Street at a piano “just playing around” with Mary Had a Little Lamb, which easily transitioned into a performance of their original song Happen to Know. Natalie Duffy and Andrew Seltzer, both singer/songwriter majors, spent their free periods from music classes playing more music at this street piano....continue reading