A Q&A with Palm Springsteen

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The city of Boston was introduced to a new band Wednesday, Sept. 13 when Palm Springsteen took the stage as the opener to Foster the People at the House of Blues. The band is made up of Nick Hinman on vocals, Hayden Tobin on guitar, Luca Buccellati on synth and Kyle Sirell on drums. Palm...continue reading

Q&A With Playwright Joyce Van Dyke

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Bobbie Steinbach and Jeanine Kane in Deported/A Dream     A professor at Northeastern University and Harvard Extension School, Joyce Van Dyke is an award-winning, Boston-based, playwright. Her most recent play Deported/A Dream Play, deals with the Armenian genocide inspired by true stories including those of her own family. Artistry Magazine sat down with Van...continue reading

Featured Artist: Nathaniel Hulsey

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Artistry Magazine sat down with sophomore Ohio native Nathaniel Hulsey and talked about his inspiration, work and new social media project. Hulsey is a talented artist who majors in Graphic Design and Interactive Media. Artistry: Where do you tend to get ideas for your projects from?  Nathaniel: I’m 90% self-taught with everything I do so most...continue reading