What’s Going on in November

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Get ready to start celebrating the holiday season this November! We have picked an array of entertaining events to keep you immersed in the arts. From a talk with contemporary artist Kara Walker, Boston Ballet’s production of the holiday classic “The Nutcracker,” Northeastern theatre’s “Vinegar Tom” set in 17th century England, partying at Elle King’s...continue reading

What’s Going on in October

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A warm welcome back and hello to new readers. It’s October! The month where Boston’s weather is completely unpredictable and you just want to curl up in bed. We totally get it but we wouldn’t want you to miss out on all the great events happening. Don’t let the gloomy weather hinder you from making...continue reading

Movie Review Without Spoilers: Deadpool

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“Deadpool” was one of those rare movies that had me laughing out loud until the very end. The film started off with a cunningly written title sequence that was unlike any other movie; it was as if the director, Tim Miller, wanted to give the audience a small taste of what was to come next....continue reading