NU Stage Brings #NoFilter

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Slowly one by one, audience members began to gather in front of the afterHOURS stage on Saturday evening. The venue was filled with chatter as the lights were dimmed, the performers were preparing themselves, and the crowd was eagerly waiting. A show inspired by one’s passion for music, NU Stage Musical Theater Company presented #NoFilter:...continue reading

CDs vs. Vinyl

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As the needle is positioned on the turntable, you’re careful not to destroy its antiquity. You anticipate the imperfect scratch that comes before the track. The partnership between the elegant piano and confident saxophone fills the room. They are more than just ordinary instruments. The song is a wordless story that consumes you and what’s...continue reading

Figure Skaters Back On Ice

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Disclosure: Jodie Ng is a member of NUFSC. An ineffable joy truly does overwhelm you every time you step onto the rink at Matthews Arena. You skate around once and your blades understand just how smooth the surface is. Every glide is elegant and speed gives almost every skater a liberating feeling. The Northeastern University...continue reading

Co-op Fashionistas

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Photographers: Rachel Petri, Sydnee Mizuno and Jodie Ng. Model: Kitty Cheung, Tara Amour and Sahar Salari. Model: Sahar Salari. Model: Sahar Salari. Model: Kitty Cheung. Model: Preston Pao and Kitty Cheung. Model: Sahar Salari and Tara Armour. Model: Sahar Salari and Tara Armour. Model: Sahar Salari, Preston Pao and Tara Armour. Model: Kitty Cheung and...continue reading