Feeling Cold But Looking Cute

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The thing about New England is that the winter is brutal and it is guaranteed to start before you’re ready. Just when you think you’ve got the hang of pea coats and leather boots, it’s time for much sturdier wear. Just when you’re prepared to write an article about fall trends, it becomes irrelevant in...continue reading

Q&A with Dotan Negrin, Traveling Street Pianist

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Street musician Dotan Negrin, 28, started playing piano less than 10 years ago. Today, he’s making a profit traveling the world as a street pianist. After graduating with an acting degree from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Negrin spent two frustrating years as a struggling actor in New York. Fed up with his...continue reading

UNItiques: Finds Among Friends

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Online shopping, making money and buying affordable clothes are three things college students love, but it’s often difficult to achieve all of those outcomes in one go. Luckily, as of Sept. 1, there is an outlet college students can use not only to buy more discounted clothing than you would ever find at the Prudential...continue reading

Adrianne Haslet-Davis, Boston Marathon Bombing Victim, Returns to Stage

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Adrianne Haslet-Davis and her husband, Adam Davis, were both severely injured at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. Haslet-Davis, a professional dancer, lost her left foot and part of her left leg, while her husband endured a cut nerve and artery in his left foot. He also had to have...continue reading

U.S. Olympic Team Takes Gold

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After winning Olympic gold in the individual ice-dancing event at the Sochi Olympics on February 17, it is clear that figure skaters Meryl Davis and Charlie White are perfectly synonymous with one another, both on and off the ice. That hasn’t always been the case. When Davis and White first started skating together in 1997,...continue reading