Muslim Fashion Goes Mainstream – From Black Burqas to Flowery Hijabs

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Black burqas and burkinis, these are the stereotypes of Muslim fashion. Even a few years ago, it would have been unimaginable to see hijabs taking over runways. However, at New York Fashion Week this September, Indonesian designer Anniesa Hasibuan made history by showing the first-ever collection featuring hijabs in every look. In May, the first...continue reading

Fashion Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed

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The fashion industry is often portrayed as a cold and intimidating place where the bosses are mean, cruel and make beginners run after impossible tasks to prove their worth. Whilst establishing yourself in the industry isn’t easy, a job working in fashion is so much more than what movies make them out to be. There...continue reading

The Future of Fashion Revealed in ‘#techstyle’

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Envision water hitting a solid object, droplets scattering in a dozen directions and light being reflecting from all angles. Iris van Herpen captured that moment, and shaped it into a dress. This was the beauty of “#techstyle.” The Museum of Fine Arts put together an exhibit that anyone can admire, regardless of their knowledge of...continue reading

Emerging Trends Fashion Show is a Budding Romance Between Technology and Fashion

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A hum of small-talk clouded underneath the music and the night at the Artists for Humanity Epicenter creative space, Friday Sept 25, for the eighth annual Synergy Event’s “Emerging Trends Fashion Show”, bringing an end to Boston Fashion Week. “My favorite part is always seeing the actual show,” Reaz Hoque, CEO of Synergy and lead...continue reading

eBay Selling Guide For Dummies

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If you are like me, then you have clothes that you never wear just sitting in your closet collecting dust. Clothes that you have grown out of, unfortunate gifts, regrettable purchases—whatever it is, those clothes do not have to end up in a Goodwill donation bin! Re-selling these items on eBay is almost always the...continue reading