Muslim Fashion Goes Mainstream – From Black Burqas to Flowery Hijabs

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Black burqas and burkinis, these are the stereotypes of Muslim fashion. Even a few years ago, it would have been unimaginable to see hijabs taking over runways. However, at New York Fashion Week this September, Indonesian designer Anniesa Hasibuan made history by showing the first-ever collection featuring hijabs in every look. In May, the first...continue reading

1980s Music Still Resonates With Students “Time After Time”

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Every day, as students walk between Northeastern University’s West Village Quad and the main campus, the Top 40 tracks from pop music charts are heard from speakers outside the Visitor Center. Fifth-year student Erin Nfonoyim sits on a bench well within hearing range of these hits. But with earbuds in, she’s transported back to a...continue reading

Emerging Trends Fashion Show is a Budding Romance Between Technology and Fashion

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A hum of small-talk clouded underneath the music and the night at the Artists for Humanity Epicenter creative space, Friday Sept 25, for the eighth annual Synergy Event’s “Emerging Trends Fashion Show”, bringing an end to Boston Fashion Week. “My favorite part is always seeing the actual show,” Reaz Hoque, CEO of Synergy and lead...continue reading