‎Northeastern Introduces A Bit Of Broadway

‎Northeastern Introduces A Bit Of Broadway

NU Stage Musical Theater Company is a platform for students interested in performing their talents, whether it be singing, dancing or acting. This semester, NU Stage will be performing Into the Woods and Make It Big!

Into the woods is a classical play about a baker and his wife who are trying to conceive a child. However, NU Stage adds their own, original twist to the show.

“We were unable to acquire the rights to perform Into the Woods, so we are instead doing a musical revue about classic childhood fairytales,” NU Stage president Megan Bishoff said. “The show features music from Into the Woods but also from Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled etc.”

The other show for the semester is Make It Big, an original musical written by Northeastern student Jessica Young. the vice president of NU Stage.

“We started with the idea of 3 people coming to New York City for various reasons and built on it from there with Broadway songs.” Young said. “Other than directing, she was also in charge of writing the scripts that accompanies the music in the show.”

This musical revue revolves around a playwright, an actress, and a lost soul trying to find success in New York City.

Young, vice-president of NU Stage, said there is only one performance this semester and all those involved believes that the play will satisfy the audience’s expectations.

“We think they’ll really enjoy it. It’s a fun, upbeat show that mirrors what people want to see when they go see a show on Broadway,” Young said. “We just want everyone to have a great time on and off the stage.”

“Since Make It Big is only having one performance,” Bishoff said, “we’re hoping to give the audience something worth remembering.”

The show allows the audience to experience a sense of a Broadway-like musical without needing to actually travel to New York. According to Bishoff, there’s an incredible amount of hidden talent in the cast, and musical revues give the opportunity for many voices to be heard in a variety of vocal styles.

NU Stage’s talent is not only showcased in theatre productions but also musical cabarets at afterHOURS. A group of gifted singers, dancers and actors, be sure to catch their events this semester. Tickets for both shows can be found on myNEU.


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