My Fun Friend Molly

My Fun Friend Molly

Note: Artistry Magazine is not encouraging anyone to do Molly nor does the club support the drug.

“It’s just so fun.”

Okay, well so is Apples to Apples, and that hasn’t been known to kill anyone.

I sat in Anna’s Taqueria, a Mexican restaurant, innocently trying to enjoy some chips and guacamole with my friend when a girl at the next table interrupted us about her friend Molly. She overheard us talking about the article “Finding Molly: Drugs, Dancing and Death”, in which a former Molly dealer gives insight from within the EDM scene. In this article, Shane Morris talks about the pure bullshit that is sold by dealers, rather than a pure drug.

Disclosure: I have never done Molly myself. I acknowledge that I cannot speak for how fun it indeed is or how it enhances the EDM experience (not that it needs enhancement).

Molly, or powdered MDMA, is an illegal club drug that is essentially a purer version of ecstasy.

Being a newbie on the subject, other than hearing about my friends’ varied experiences “rolling.” I excavated every Molly article and video that sprouted after the deaths at Electric Zoo (E-Zoo), an annual electronic music festival in New York City. Everything I read only clarified and connected what I had heard in stories. From hallucinating for two days straight to getting sold a substance so weak it was mistaken for sand, it is clear that Molly is inconsistent and dangerous.

To this, the burrito patron that sat next to me as I conversed with my friend said, “What’s wrong with spontaneity?”

Really? Do we want to go there? First of all, shall we look up the definition of spontaneous? It is “a natural inclination.” This indicates that, yes, it may be impulsive, but you know what you are doing. This is not synonymous for indulging in a powder or capsule that could be a spattering from bath salts to heroin, a fact you can never be certain of, unless you cooked it up yourself Breaking Bad style. Second, stop trying to be such a free spirit. Third, do you also need clarification on the definition of dead?

This girl, who so rudely interrupted my snack time and heated me up, was one of the types Morris describes, who think they are utterly invincible. Throughout the conversation she repeatedly would use Ecstasy and Molly interchangeably. Yes they are similar in the sense that nobody knows what either are, but that’s as close as it’s gonna get… sorry kid.

Now in reference to her initial comment, “It’s just so fun.” I apologize for being so harsh in advance but talk to me when you’re passed out below an ebbing mass of festival goers. One of my roommates went to E-Zoo this summer, and “rolling”, acknowledges the dangers she now understands that come along with this drug. When I asked her about how it enhances the music at the festivals, she said, “not the music, the experience”. She described it as one mass flowing to the music together, “a non-violent drug that vibes through the surrounding aura.”

Half the people that surrounded her were rolling right along with her. This has created a connection between EDM and Molly that, for some, is unquestionable. The separation of the two is like having peanut butter without the jelly — something that is not going to happen.

But step back from the euphoric crowd and you see dehydration, neurological breakdown, and exhaustion scattered about the periphery. And while this time you may be the one vibing with the masses and music, the unpredictability of Molly doesn’t guarantee the next time around. EDM and Molly should not be a synonymous nature. The festival culture is projecting Molly’s presence through merchandise, lyrics, and publicity. But EDM should be fun even if Molly can’t be found.


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