How to Be Funny, According to NU & Improv’d

How to Be Funny, According to NU & Improv’d

So, you want to be funny? It can be tough being funny on your own, so NU & Improv’d has provided some nifty tips to help you achieve your maximum laugh potential.

Step 1: Listening

The key to improv is listening and building on those around you. Pay attention to your surroundings and be inspired by those around you. Go Big or Go Home!

Step 2: Develop a voice & commit

Find what you think is fun & funny, and go with it. Go Big or Go Home! Emulate your heroes, don’t try to become them.

Step 3: Get physical

Go Big or go Home! Always stretch before comedy! “A healthy heart brings a healthy mind.” Eat lots of red meat before any jokes.

Step 4: Beat the competition

Your friends will want to be funny too! Make sure to put them down to make yourself bigger! Go Big or Go Home!

Step 5: Be Topical

The recommended interregional system in relation to principal topographic features of the United States (1944)

Step 6: Be Tropical

Tropicana on Rock

Step 7: Get a goodnights sleep!

Your comedy sensors come from your frontal lobe, which is the most affected by sleep deprivation. Science! Go Big or Go Home!

Step 9: Truth in Comedy

Go Big or Go Home! Now that’s the goddarn truth!

Step 10: Vote for Bernie Sanders!


Step 11: Be Unpredictable!

Go Home or Go Big!

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have your friends in stitches in no time! Check back next week for NU & Improv’d presents: How to get laid! Ba-bye!

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