Glass Animals at Agganis Arena

Glass Animals at Agganis Arena

Written by Victoria Tan

For those who have not heard of Glass Animals before, or have had the opportunity to see them live, be prepared to have your mind blown. Like trying out a new food and having your taste buds explode because you weren’t expecting the rich, exquisite flavor at the tip of your tongue, that sensation is something you can expect at a Glass Animals concert.

Amber Mark, a young and talented singer-songwriter from New York City opened for Glass Animals. People were still making their way to their seats as she took the stage. Her voice filled the arena, pure and powerful as she guided the crowd with her music. At only 23, the message behind her songs were wise beyond her years.

Next to take the stage was the band Real Estate. Though the lead singer, Martin Courtney, had a powerful voice, there was something missing, which left the performance feeling lifeless. The size of venue, coupled with the lack of audience, might have contributed to the mood. Though Courtney tried to get the crowd engaged, there was a distinct absence of enthusiasm throughout the band’s set.

The crowd began cheering as “Pre-Made Sandwiches” started to play from the speakers, marking the entrance of Glass Animal’s lead singer David Bayley. Formed in Oxford, England, the band, in addition to Bayley, is made up of guitarist Drew Macfarlane, bassist Edmund Irwin-Singer and drummer Joe Seaward. A mix of both British and American artists, they met in 2010 while attending Oxford University and have since released two albums. This show in particular was special because, as Bayley told the audience, “Boston felt the closest to home” since he had previously lived in Worcester.

Each song on their album “How To Be a Human Being” is based on the persona of someone that they have encountered. It is not necessarily about the people themselves, but about the emotions that those stories evoked. Every song was performed with heartfelt emotion, Bayley’s positive energy radiating off of him as he shared it with the crowd. His voice was captivating, weaving elements of sweetness and longing.

“Season 2 Episode 3” was a fan favorite, as everyone could relate to it in some way. The song itself is upbeat and does a great job of capturing the feeling of laziness: when you just want to get “drunk on old cartoons” and do nothing at all.

In the middle of the set, Bayley decided to jump off the stage and run to the middle of the floor where he proceeded to belt out “Gooey.” The audience was very attentive as he serenaded the lucky fans in front of him.

The highlight of the show was when he performed “Agnes.” A more toned-down and mellow song, it is about losing someone you love to suicide. As the lights dimmed and the crowd fell silent, a single spotlight was trained on Bayley. As Bayley got further and further along in the song, it felt as if he was unraveling a string of emotions from sorrow, to hope and then to wisdom The crowd participated in this moment by taking out their cellphones and lighting up the room to resemble fireflies in the night sky.

Glass Animals ended their set with  “Pork Soda,” from their current album, famous for the catchy line “pineapples in my head.” During the song, Bayley took out a pineapple from backstage and used it as a drum, tapping to the rhythm of the song. It was a rush of life and glassy notes tied together, summing up the night as a whole.

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