Feeling Cold But Looking Cute

Feeling Cold But Looking Cute

The thing about New England is that the winter is brutal and it is guaranteed to start before you’re ready. Just when you think you’ve got the hang of pea coats and leather boots, it’s time for much sturdier wear. Just when you’re prepared to write an article about fall trends, it becomes irrelevant in the context of this 30-degree, dark-at-4:30 kind of weather.

You may be screaming, “it’s too soon to think about winter boots!” But honestly, it’s not. Winter isn’t coming anymore; it’s here. The only way you can stay happy walking to classes in Jan. is with the right combination of cute and warm winter staples. Here’s a list of the most important things you’ll need to survive the Boston winter and the best places to buy them so you don’t have to give up cute for cold.

1) Coat.

Sorry, that adorable pea coat just isn’t going to cut it now that we’ve hit Nov. Luckily, everyone will be sporting puffy coats by the time it starts to snow, so you can stay warm and keep up with the trends. For a great winter coat, try Nordstrom Rack or Lord and Taylor – both have a good selection of colors and shapes as well as consistent online sales.


Faux Fur Trim Wing Collar Puffer Coat from Lord and Taylor

2) Hats and Head Wraps.

Most of your body’s heat escapes from your head, so don’t go without with this important accessory. Check out Aldo for a selection of trendy headpieces that won’t be too hard on your wallet. The head wrap below would look great with your new puffy white coat.


Aldo Head Wrap

3) Gloves.

Gloves are essential winter accessories that are often overlooked. Isotoner is one of the best brands when it comes to keeping your hands warm – they can almost always be found at Marshalls. Many pairs of gloves now come with special conductive fabric on the fingertips that allow you to text and talk on the phone while still keeping your fingers from freezing. Take a look at the picture below for a cozy and stylish example!


Kohl’s Gloves

4) Scarf.

A scarf is one of the most important winter – and fall and spring, for that matter – accessories, because it has the potential to make or break your outfit. You can buy a great scarf almost anywhere, but H&M and Forever 21 have some fun, quirky ones. Take your pick: wool scarf, plaid scarf, and infinity scarf…the possibilities are endless!


Jacquard-knit Tube Scarf from H&M

5) Boots.

Last but not least, the key component to any winter outfit is what you’ve got on your feet. Since it’s Boston, your boots have got to be warm, but not so heavy that you get exhausted walking back-and-forth, to-and-from class. Sometimes it’s easiest to shop for boots online (Zappos ships incredibly quickly), but check out DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse downtown if you want to try them on in the store.


Sorel Tivoli High II Snow Boot from DSW

There you have it, all the essential ingredients for a great winter outfit. Now that it’s mid-Nov. there is no excuse to procrastinate. So go out and buy those cute winter clothes before it starts to snow and the Prudential Center seems like too far of a walk.

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