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Emmy It Up

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Emmy Li, a Northeastern sophomore and creator of her blog, em|me lives by three fashion tips:

1. Wear what makes you feel good.

Wear what makes you feel good. It’s easier said than done but go for the look you want.

2. Learn how to dress to flatter your body.

Highlight the areas you like about your body. Teach yourself (through trial and error or from others) how to style those items you like but are afraid to wear. Gain that confidence!

3. Wear a smile on your face.

It sounds cheesy but a cute outfit doesn’t look so cute if you’re scowling.”

Student by day, blogger by night, Li holds a passion for fashion and gives advice varying from beauty questions to outfit inspirations. Li says that her blog is an accurate representation of what she wears on a normal basis and describes her fashion sense as “‘mixed’ baby in the fashion world,” with a trio of all things chic, classy, and relaxed —“chiclaxed.”

Early July of this year, Li had thoughts of starting a blog but felt the need to put it on the backburner. However, the idea refused to be put to rest.

“The voice inside my head kept screaming “Do it! Do it!” I continued to hesitate, but started posting daily outfits on my Instagram profile. When I brought up the topic to close friends from high school, they were incredibly encouraging and supportive. Thus, em|me was born that day while we waited in line at Six Flags,” Li said.

Born in Beijing, China, and then moving to the United States when she was 4, Li has seen and experienced a broad spectrum of cultures and fashion. She has lived in New Jersey, Arizona, California, Colorado and has finally settled in Massachusetts. Although she has been to so many different places, Li mentions that her true inspiration comes from pictures of her mother when she was younger and how she had dressed.

The Beijing native has always enjoyed styling clothing and browsing through magazines and blogs as if she is taking a peek inside another person’s wardrobe. She pulls inspiration from some of her favorite designers (though they vary every season): Valentino, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Isabel Marant. These are just a few star-studded celebrity fashionistas that are incorporated throughout her blog.

Though the original idea for Li’s blog was just to create an outlet for herself, em|me became an accessible and relatable blog to college students and anyone with an eye for fashion. From tips on how to style the basic tee, “Spicing It Up: Just Me and my Tee”, to outfits she could never do without, “10 Clothing essentials”, Li’s blog is an advice-filled and friendly environment to stop by and browse around.

Emmy Li’s fashion blog can be found at: http://emmeitup.com/


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