Emerging Trends Fashion Show is a Budding Romance Between Technology and Fashion

Emerging Trends Fashion Show is a Budding Romance Between Technology and Fashion


A hum of small-talk clouded underneath the music and the night at the Artists for Humanity Epicenter creative space, Friday Sept 25, for the eighth annual Synergy Event’s “Emerging Trends Fashion Show”, bringing an end to Boston Fashion Week.

“My favorite part is always seeing the actual show,” Reaz Hoque, CEO of Synergy and lead coordinator of the event, said. “You spend months and months working on the event and when the lights go on and the models walk down the runway you see the talent being showcased.”

The show is about emerging trends.

This year’s show focused on the incorporation of technology, according to Hoque. The final part of the show was a presentation by Kit Hickey on her technology-inspired clothing line Ministry of Supply.

Ministry of Supply launched in 2012 striving to make performance professional clothing become a norm.

“We use technology in two main ways: through the fabrics that we develop and through advanced manufacturing,” Hickey, co-founder of Ministry of Supply said. “In all technology development, we start with the human body: how it moves and how it changes throughout the day. We then develop fabrics that best work depending on what we learn.”

This year’s event featured an incorporation of interactive mobile app Pulse 24/7; combining technology with fashion thus offering a new way to book freelance services. “Pulse was kind of in charge of putting the show together, but Reaz organized the show top to bottom,” Pulse 24/7 Chief Business Development Manager, David Perlman said. “I thought the event was really well done… Boston doesn’t have the reputation for being the most fashion forward city in the country and I think that given said location, the show did really well giving a bunch of new and budding designers a chance to be seen.”

The show, hosted by Miss Massachusetts USA 2015 Polikseni Manxhari, featured seven designer lines, ranging from Bulgarian Magoshee to American NuVu Studio.

There were two showcases features; one at 8:00 p.m. and the other at 9:30 p.m.

“The highlight of the event was talking to so many people that are inspired by and contribute to fashion in Boston,” Hickey said. “I think that fashion in Boston is really a movement that we’ve seen evolve over the last few years so it was great to get to chat with a lot of the people that are leading that charge.”

The Emerging Trends fashion show has expanded to other cities as well, including London, Paris, and New York, according to the presentation.

“I think Boston has great fashion potential and we hope people appreciate what we do, we are very grateful to do what we do every year thanks to the community,” said Hoque.

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