Editors’ Pick: Best Netflix Shows to Binge Watch

Editors’ Pick: Best Netflix Shows to Binge Watch

Editor-in-Chief: Annie Lin

Show: “Scandal,” season 1-4 on Netflix

Brought to you by Shonda Rhimes, creator of “Grey’s Anatomy” and executive producer of “How to Get Away with Murder,” is the tantalizing and exhilarating “Scandal.” Starring Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, the former White House Director of Communications and founder of Olivia Pope & Associates, a crisis management firm she runs successfully with the help of her employees at OPA, who call themselves gladiators in suits. Among her numerous roles, she is known as “The Fixer” for her ability to make problems disappear for her clients and protect their reputations—no matter what it takes.

This show promises what its title suggests. Olivia once ensured the election of Fitzgerald “Fitz” Grant as the President of the United States but her relationship with Fitz doesn’t stay professional for long. Their affair raises uncertainty and falls under speculation from the President’s wife and First Lady, Mellie Grant. The intensity of each episode ensures you’ll quickly become addicted to the drama, tension and suspense. Not to mention, the immaculate power suits and Prada bags Olivia owns are bound to make you envious of her wardrobe.


“It’s handled” – Olivia Pope

“You don’t get to run. You’re a gladiator. Gladiators don’t run. They fight. They slay dragons. The wipe off the blood. They stitch up their wounds, and they live to fight another day.” – Abby Whelan

“I don’t want normal and easy and simple I want painful, difficult, devastating, life-changing, extraordinary love.” – Olivia Pope

“He would hurt you. Your father? He would slit your throat and drink your blood if it served the Republic.” – Jake Ballard


Film Editor: Michelle Chan

Show: “Friends,” season 1-10 on Netflix

Bound to fill you with warmth and laughter, “Friends” is one of the top feel-good comedy shows on Netflix. The series centers on the lives of six friends in New York City, as they experience romance and career issues. Nevertheless, their love for each other is so strong that it makes the audience long for a group of friends who are there for each other.

There’s a reason why “Friends” is still a popular show despite being aired over a decade ago. People of all ages are bound to enjoy and laugh heartily at the endless humor scattered throughout each episode. It’s also a very relatable show that still resonates with everyone today. Each friend in their group, with their own unique personality, is trying to adapt to adulthood and create a life for themselves.

Young adults and emerging adults can appreciate the joy and pain that follows with friendships, relationships, careers and finally settling down. Adults and seniors get to reminisce about the old days and their journey to adulthood. This show is bound to keep you watching episode after episode and the lightheartedness of it makes for an excellent break from stressful days.


Art Editor: Cindy Zhao
Show: “Parks and Recreation,” seasons 1-7 on Netflix

In an ideal world, one’s summer would be full of spontaneous road trips, endless beach days with a convertible full of friends and starry nights spent catching fireflies. But, if you’re being completely honest with yourself, this summer is most likely going to be comprised mainly of Netflix and naps. If, and when, this happens, “Parks and Recreation” needs to be at the top of your list. Hilarious, snappy, ironic and all around relatable. It’s the perfect show to complement the cheeriness of blue skies and warm sunshine. Unlike most other comedy shows with an automated laugh track, this show is incredibly witty with its humor. It manages to stay sharp, seemingly always able to perfectly straddle the line between too-far and spot on.

“Parks and Rec” is unique, especially in the arguably overly satirical comedic world of 21st century television. The root of the show’s humor is not derived from bleak, dark humor, but rather from—what some would say—an excessive amount of joy and enthusiasm. The show’s protagonist, Leslie Knope, is a woman working for the local government, who is fiercely passionate about things that, to be frank, not many other people bat an eye at. She believes real change is possible. The show is ironic and satirical, but not in the way that it pokes fun at the go-getters of the world, as a lot of comedy tends to do these days.

“Parks and Rec” is truly funny in the way that it makes you actually laugh out loud. However, arguably equally as importantly, it also makes you notice and appreciate the unexpectedly genuine and sweet nature of people that can be found all around you.


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