eBay Selling Guide For Dummies

eBay Selling Guide For Dummies

If you are like me, then you have clothes that you never wear just sitting in your closet collecting dust. Clothes that you have grown out of, unfortunate gifts, regrettable purchases—whatever it is, those clothes do not have to end up in a Goodwill donation bin! Re-selling these items on eBay is almost always the best option and the best way to recoup some of the money lost. As a sequel to the eBay buying guide, is a selling guide to help put some money back into your pocket.

Firstly, it is important to realize that some items have re-sell value and some items do not. Brand and condition are the best predictors of your price. That is, a barely worn J Crew shirt will likely sell, but a well-worn Target scarf will not. If you are not sure whether or not another eBayer would be interested in your items, it is best to search for the item on eBay itself! This will allow you to see if others are interested in the item and how much you can expect to sell that item for. Generally, items with a retail value of over $40 can be resold consistently, depending on your desired selling price.

Once you have gathered up some clothes that you feel have some re-sell value, it’s time to make a listing. In essence, you want to make the listing seem as attractive as possible as quickly as possible. After all, a buyer is quickly scrolling down a page, glancing quickly at items— you have to catch that buyer’s eye! Use a few of the following tricks to hook buyers into looking more at your item.

Photos on the listing:

Lay the item down flat on a clean surface. Try to get out all of the wrinkles, and use natural light if possible. Amateur pictures are the best! An item that looks clean but lightly used will make the buyer feel like they are getting a great deal and they will be more likely to buy!

Item description:

Be as descriptive as possible and use capitalization for the first letter of each word. That is, “Lululemon Shorts Size Medium in Black” stands out much more than “lululemon shorts”.

Pricing the item:

This is easily the most important factor. In general, asking a price of 25% off the retail price will reliably attract buyers. Moreover, the price you list the item at doesn’t necessarily have to be the actual price that you want. Typically, I will set up a fixed price listing, but with the option to have buyers send me an offer. I may list an item for $60 Buy It Now, but I am actually hoping for $30. Furthermore, you can set up an auction with a starting price of $20, and a Buy It Now price of $50. A buyer will feel like they can save $30 on a great item, and you still get the price that you wanted to begin with. A buyer will feel as though they are getting a good deal (and they are!) and you get a fair price. Win-win for all parties involved.

Lastly, it is important to be patient with your items! It can be difficult to predict which items are definitely worth reselling and which are not. I have had items that I thought were total winners up for months and items that I had little hope for sell the next day. Don’t get discouraged! It is all part of the process and any money saved is better than none.

The whole process of selling items on the internet can be confusing and frustrating at first. Luckily, eBay does a great job of guiding beginners through the process. Take a quick look through their guide, and you will realize just how easy it is. 5 minutes worth of picture taking and posting to go from an old clothing item that you never wear to a listing that could potentially get you some money back? A worthy endeavor if you ask me!

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