Dress like an Autumn Fashionista

Dress like an Autumn Fashionista

The fall season brings with it a plethora of runway shows ranging from lavish catwalks at New York Fashion Week, to evenings celebrating local designers in Beantown. Getting caught up in the frenzy can be overwhelming, so here’s the breakdown of what’s trendy for all you fashion fanatics:

Photos by: Victoria Puzankova


College-Friendly: Woolen Knits and Slouchy Trousers

Toss on an oversized woolen cardigan, leggings, or both and you’ll be comfortable all day long. Slouchy trousers state you’ve invested more time in your appearance that morning but can be almost as comfortable as those sweatpants you bought at the university bookstore.

Color: Orange

It’s time to bring out that obnoxious jack-o-lantern colored sweater from the back of your closet, flaunt ‘Morange’ lipstick by MAC or rock those cantaloupe colored corduroy jeans. Orange is the new black.

Decades: 1960’s and 1970’s

If swing jackets and mini-skirts with knee high boots aren’t your cup of tea, try a straight-line jacket with a sharp 70’s collar.

Materials: Shearling and Astrakhan

We’re being fur-real here. Designers seem to be bringing variations of the shearling jacket, boots and vests to name a few. For those of you not into the real-deal, astrakhan offers a faux, soft fur that will make your friends jealous enough to steal your jacket. Trust me.

Print: Psychedelic

Embrace your wild side with a trippy piece that proves you’re the opposite of delusional.

Silhouettes: A-line and Boxy/Cropped

There’s a reason why these shapes are recycled every season, because they are both classic and flattering, balance an A-line skirt with a loose turtleneck or a cropped sweater with high-waisted trousers.


College-Friendly: Jogger Pants.

Say what? The beloved sweatpants relative has been seen countless times on the runway. Sport yours with a Henley, scarf and polished sneakers to take it up a notch.

Colors: Green and Brown

The dark, leafy greens seen this season are universally flattering and easy to wear regardless of your style. Incorporate a standout item like a bomber jacket or tailored pieces in various hues. Black will be forever timeless, but try opting for a brown suit and/or tie when you have an event this season. You’ll come off more approachable and feel relaxed.

Decades: 1920’s and 1960’s

An accessory worn by wealthy men associated with prohibition and crime in the 1920s, show your gangster side with a felt fedora. Stovepipe slacks are also back. This skinny, ankle-cropped piece can be balanced out with some bulkier shirts and outerwear on top.

Material: Down

Quilted and streamlined down jackets are everywhere this season. This lightweight material will keep you warm and comfortable until you absolutely must reach for that 10 pound puffy parka.

Prints: Fair Isle and Camouflage

Reoccurring patterns that state you either want to feel bright and colorful or just hide from the world on blustery day; totally appropriate and understandable.

Silhouettes: Slim and Oversized

Overall rule of thumb: slim on the bottom and larger than life pieces on the top.

A true fashionista knows trends are good references but not something one should conform to. Fashion can be a form of art, as well as your identity. It is the material of everyday — a medium of expression, performance, and communication. Wearing what makes you feel the best about yourself contributes to your daily work and sparks conversation. Above all, have fun!

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