The Childs Gallery: A Doll’s House

The Childs Gallery: A Doll’s House


Written by Candace Reyes

The Childs Gallery, an art gallery located on Newbury street, is currently exhibiting “A Doll’s House,” a unique and interactive collection of work that allows viewers to emerge themselves in the mind of a young girl growing up by imitating her bedroom. The gallery consists of excerpts from an original installation, the bedroom, that was put together at the Ink Miami Fair by Sara Zielinski, an artist who focuses primarily on printmaking.

The goal of the original installation was to create a fully immersive environment where every piece of the bedroom was Zielinski’s paintings, drawings, and printings.

“When you stepped into the environment you felt like you were in this creation of a teenager in the room,” said Richard Baiano, Director of the gallery. “A lot of the subjects that she deals with is love and loss and attraction and rejection.”


Photo by Yael Schulkes

Zielinski’s artwork uses a toy theme to emphasize the childlike view on young adult topics that include finding your womanhood and discovering the other sex.

The process of discovering oneself as a young woman in this generation is a messy, imperfect, and complicated journey. Zielinski communicates this message through her artwork by leaving all her errors in her work.

“The imperfections betray the process. My work reveals my obsessions with the process and tactility, recording and remembrance,” said Zielinski in her artist statement.

Her goal is to embrace the journey even when it is filled with flaws and mistakes because among the generation consumed with attempting to get the perfect Instagram picture or trying to keep up with the pressures of society, humans are imperfect and that should be accepted.

While Zielinski only depicts the room of a young woman, she expresses the different and unique journeys that every girl faces. She draws and paints young women in different sizes and shapes in various settings and interactions. In one piece, there is a drawing of two girls leaning in to kiss. One girl has her eyes wide open to showcase the nervous, experimental, and unknown world of discovering one’s sexuality. The drawing next to it depicts a young woman and man naked holding hands. These drawings are embedded in a cracked mirror to highlight the imperfection in these interactions.

Every single interaction that Zielinski creates leaves room for interpretation, forcing viewers to think deeply and engage with each art piece.

Her work is unique because of the techniques she uses and how she dares to provoke viewers.

“I hope [viewers] leave with the sense of playfulness and that all work isn’t so serious all the time… there are different ways of saying the same thing,” Baiano said.

It is unusual to see the topics of sex and discovery expressed through a toy theme in a very casual manner. This casual manner shows the normality of embracing and discovering your sexuality and having human interactions.

“A Doll’s House” is a journey worth taking as it allows you to interact and be fully immersed in the mind of a young woman discovering herself. The exhibit is on display until Feb. 25.

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