Concert Review: Brian Fallon & the Crowes

Photo courtesy of @thebrianfallon on Instagram

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“How is it here in Jersey?” Brian Fallon said. “I was away for a minute.” The crowd roared in response. Fallon grinned. Fallon played a series of shows last December...
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Concert Review: Laura Jane Grace and The Devouring Mothers offered ‘a captivating new sound’

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Inside The Sinclair, a live-music venue and gastropub in Cambridge, the soft glow of Christmas lights illuminated the stage while fans stood in small groups, holding cups of beer. Opener...
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Pulling Strings: A Conversation with Mimi Rabson

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Professional violinist Mimi Rabson is at the forefront of musical innovation, by providing an outlet for classically trained performers to express creative freedom. Rabson’s improvisational violin and cello group, Strings...
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Foo Fighters Bring You Sonic Highways

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As a long-time listener of the Foo Fighters, myself along with many avid fans know very well how highly anticipated the band’s eighth album “Sonic Highways” would be. Within their...
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Q&A with Dotan Negrin, Traveling Street Pianist

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Street musician Dotan Negrin, 28, started playing piano less than 10 years ago. Today, he’s making a profit traveling the world as a street pianist. After graduating with an acting...
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