Why Whiplash is the Best Movie of 2014

A scene from Whiplash. Copyright Blumhouse Productions. Used here under Fair Use.

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When thinking of the best film of 2014, a lot of frontrunners come to mind. “Birdman”, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and “Boyhood” seemed to be the top contender for this...
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Becoming The Next Great Smartphone Director For Dummies


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A lot of great stories have been portrayed through the lens and it might not be as hard as it looks. Sure, not all aspiring film directors can be the...
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Review: Men, Women & Children


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Back in 2004, Paul Haggis’ Crash earned a Best Picture Oscar by interweaving the stories of several Los Angeles residents and detailing the racial and social tensions prevalent in their...
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The Steady Growth of Netflix


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Amy Zhao hasn’t had the urge to flip through channels on her television since 2010. In fact, 2010 was the last time she used her cable subscription. However, don’t take...
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Marlon Wayans Q & A

A scene from A Haunted House 2. Copyright Wayans Bros. Entertainment. Used here under Fair Use.

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Marlon Wayans, of the Wayans brothers, stars in “A Haunted House 2,” which releases on April 18. Wayans sits down and discusses the inspiration behind the movie, production of both...
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