Artistry presents Ena Kantardzic

Artistry presents Ena Kantardzic

Ena Kantardzic is a student in the class of 2017 at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She is a refugee from the former Jugloslavia, and she is double majoring in Studio for Interrelated Media and Art History.

She remembers always having an interest in drawing, and her work evolved over years as she taught herself how to draw portraits. Beginning to skateboard at age 15 led her to meeting Xavier, a graffiti artist; this introduction provoked an immersion into urban culture that shaped her style, transforming her prior portraits into abstract human anomalies. This experience was punctuated with an opportunity she received to intern as a graphic designer for Youth Design at 16, which encouraged her to make a career out of her passions, and eventually take her first art classes at Mass Art.

Today, Ena works in mixed media painting, found art illustration, sound art, poetry (as well as spoken word), and installment.

“I make my art about humanity- from personal struggles to the greater downfalls of current society. I like greying the lines between high and low brow art; making commentary of the contemporary art world.” She is able to see art in everything, describing this everyday interaction as an ‘inescapable blessing’. Her goals in attending Mass Art are to expand her interests while learning as much as possible. “I am a modern artist, trying to be true to tradition and today”.

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