The Art of Boston

The Art of Boston

Boston comes to life with the art, music and culture that continuously fills this city. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to embrace it all and other times, between co-ops, classes and personal commitments, it seems impossible to even pay attention to it. However, Artistry has compiled a list of museums to help you venture out and explore the innate artistic side of the Boston community.

The Museum of Fine Arts (MFA)

As Huskies, there really should be no excuse as to why we cannot visit the MFA. It’s essentially right on campus and more importantly; it’s absolutely free with your NUID. Not only does the MFA have beautiful architecture, their exhibits are always interesting with a huge range from Asian art to African art to Western art and more. If you don’t go for the art, it’s a great alternative for a quiet place to study.

Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston (ICA)

For anyone interested in venturing out a little further, the ICA is located on 100 Northern Avenue. It’s accessible via the MBTA by either the orange or green line at State Street or Park Street respectively. The ICA is a great attraction for any contemporary art lovers in all kinds of mediums such as film, video, music and performance.

SoWA District

If you’re looking for a less, traditional art scene, the SoWA district could be your answer. It is located on 450 Harrison Avenue in the South End and is an area best known for its food, art galleries, retail shops and open markets. It’s a great place to walk around, see what local artists are up and enjoy some delicious meals while you’re at it. Similar to the ICA, it is also accessible by the orange line on the MBTA.

The Sports Museum

While the Sports Museum isn’t necessarily what one would call an art scene, it seemed unfair not to mention it. It is true that Boston is a huge cultural city but it most certainly is also a huge sport city. The Sports Museum is located in TD Garden at 100 Legends Way. It focuses on the history of different sports within Boston, exhibiting sports memorabilia and artifacts.

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in our campus bubble but we Huskies should take advantage of being in the heart of the city.

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