A group of art lovers and cultural justice seekers looked to rectify the atrocity of the existence of Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s paintings in Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts (MFA).

At noon on October 5, protesters marched at the MFA by the Huntington Avenue entrance; as can be seen on the official Instagram of the movement, participants wielded lexical weapons between their palms that read “God Hates Renoir,” “Renoir Paints A Steaming Pile,” “ReNOir,” “RenBARF” and “RENOIR WAS AN INSIDE JOB.” The protest was organized by Max Geller, also the creator of the Instagram account, according to The Boston Globe.

“They have dozens of beautiful masterpieces in storage that could be on display. But instead they’re choosing to exalt Renoir’s treacle to the level of high art,” Geller said in an interview The Boston Globe.

The members of the “Renoir Sucks at Painting” movement organized a protest against the French impressionist’s work after months of showing their disdain for Renoir’s “Deformed pink fuzzy women” on their Instagram account. As stated in the press release for the MFA march, they feel that the presence of Renoir’s paintings dilutes the MFA’s collection, calling it a curatorial failing, and even citing it as “Aesthetic Terrorism.”

The Renoir Sucks At Painting movement has expanded to reach areas of academia beyond the arts community. Dr. Ben Ewen-Campen, an Evolutionary Biologist at Harvard University, and Marjorie Suisman, a Brookline attorney, have both become active members in the movement.

“Seeing Renoirs [art] in the MFA makes me sad,” Ewen-Campen said in the press release. “All the other art in the museum is great… But then we get exposed to Renoir’s deformed pink fuzzy women and scary looking babies. It really detracts from the experience.”

The protesters called for the resignation of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston curators, as these tyrants of artistic distaste have masterpieces in storage by “actually talented artists.”

“The food equivalent of Renoir is a Twinkie — fluffy empty calories that are way too sweet and ultimately bad for you,” Suisman told The Boston Globe. “Twinkies do not belong in our fine art museum.”

The museum’s curators remain in their positions, and the museum have yet to comment on the protest.

Despite that Renoir’s paintings still hang in the MFA, the group considers the protest a success. Following the release of an article in the Boston Globe, the group captioned a post of the article with “You can blow out a candle, but you can’t blow out a fire…#treacle #renoirsucksatpainting.”

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