About Us

Who We Are

Artistry Magazine is an online magazine based at Northeastern. It aims to connect the art scene of the Husky community, reporting on anything and everything. Artistry is not only limited to the traditional forms of art such visual art, music, dance, theatre, fashion and film. We encourage the community to challenge those boundaries and to write about anything they consider art.

Want to be involved?

Writers do not need to be journalists as we welcome everyone. Write as much as you want. Write about anything you want.

You can also be involved by being a photographer. Regardless of your experience level, Artistry is always looking for more photographers. Don’t want to do writing or photography? That’s totally fine! You can still be involved by helping our marketing team. Help establish Artistry’s name. Promote and advertise events. Manage our social media outlets.

Want more information?

E-mail nuartistrymagazine@gmail.com