About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Artistry Magazine is Northeastern University’s magazine focused on local art and culture, covering visual art, music, dance, theater, fashion and film.
Our goal is to connect the Husky community to anything they consider art and give them a platform to share their vision.

Want to be involved?

Don’t feel like you need a journalism background, we welcome everyone to cover material. Write about what you find, or come to our meeting to see what someone will pitch this week.

You can also be involved by being a photographer. Regardless of your experience level, Artistry is always looking for more photographers. Don’t want to do writing or photography? That’s totally fine! You can still be involved by helping our marketing team. Help establish Artistry’s name. Promote and advertise events. Manage our social media outlets.

Want more information?

E-mail artistrymagnu@gmail.com